How Do You Market Yourself When Your Business Is Just You?

Well, I’m writing this post today from some personal experience…

How Do You Market Yourself When Your Business Is Just You? It sounds easy. Who better to market yourself other than you? Sometimes though, it can actually be pretty difficult.

Being thoughtful and careful is the key. You don’t want to come off as arrogant rather than confident. You don’t want people to see you as bossy rather than informative. When you’re talking about yourself and what service you can provide others, think about your target market. It doesn’t matter if you’re B2B or B2C, your target market is still extremely important in figuring out how you want to present yourself and your business.

Take me for example. My business is B2B. It’s just me. I don’t have employees or interns. I’m not representing a group of people. Just me and what services I can provide for other businesses. Because of this, I use my personal social media accounts as my business accounts also. If I talked your ear off about social media on my website and each one of my social media sites all day long, that’d get pretty pushy, and you’d quickly get annoyed with me. I try to treat my accounts like 85% / 15%. My business is B2B, but I’m ultimately trying to appeal to people, specifically the people who have their own businesses.

85% of my content consists of things other people rarely tire of- my husband being silly, my diy projects or my animals. My friends/followers know that those are the most important things to me in life based on it making up 85% of what I post. Most can relate to at least one if not all of those subjects. Now the other 15% of my content pertains to my business. Newest trends. Social media strategies. Featuring Savannah. There are many different ratios/percentages suggested out there, but 85:15 is what works for me.

  • Think of your niche and target market.
  • Feature what’s important to you & what makes you you.
  • Feature your business but do it in a tasteful, helpful way.
  • 85% relatable content
  • 15% business content

At the end of the day, you are the biggest and sometimes only advocate for yourself and your business. Make a good impression.

And now because I mentioned how much I feature my animals, here are a few: