2017 Social Media Trends

I recently read this article -> The Top Social Media Trends for 2017 – The Influencers’ View – and was amazed at the future trends some of the top social media pros see coming this year.

Pretty much what I’ve gotten from this is we as social media marketers are losing more control this year. Algorithms and filters have already greatly influenced how we present content. This article hones on the continuation of this and then some.

  • “The information distribution highway will have toll stations that must be paid for by the those who create content.”
  • “ The days of organic social media success are over. It’s not a question of paying for playing but of how much you pay to play.”

Organic reach has slowly been dying the past couple of years. I tell my clients that it is up to them whether or not they want to spend precious advertising money on social media, so most choose not to. It may surprise you, but I totally understand this. Social Media platforms are constantly updating and changing. People are hesitant to take the risk of promoting their content when nothing is concrete or permanent. It looks as though now that 2017 will actually bring an end to organic reach altogether. Not great news, but good to know.