Social Media Services

You’ve already made the plunge into the business world. You are already amazing. Your business plan is ingenious and unique. You’re open and ready.

Now… How will you engage with all of your clients?

wymberly communications social media marketing services

Each Wymberly Communications package is tailored to fit your exact needs.

Together we look at:

  • your budget
  • your reach objectives
  • your overall goals
  • your content

wymberly communications services

Pricing is based on the number of times I post on each social network per week and on the complexity of the content (i.e. if I create most of it). Once we establish the social media marketing plan perfect for your business, we enter into a monthly contractual agreement. Each package also comes with a monthly assessment in order to track your reach and engagement and to focus on your business’ objectives and goals.

Does your business have to be located in Savannah, Georgia for us to work together?

  • Absolutely not! Just because that’s my home base doesn’t mean that we can’t put together the perfect social media plan for you and your business. We can turn what are usually face-to-face into one-on-one phone calls!

Let’s get together and talk about how we can grow your business!