Content Marketing- Why do it? How?


Content Marketing… 

Do you know what it is? Practice it? If content marketing is new to you, it’s time to jump on board. It’s an effective way to connect with your target market whether you’re a B2C or B2B. Below are a list of content marketing positives written by Paul Pruneau President, Teamworks Communications, Inc.. 

  • Permanency
    Unlike old school media or advertising, once you publish on the internet, the content remains in place for virtually forever.
  • Increased value over time
    The more assets that you publish and deploy the faster they accumulate and accrue in value. It’s a fact that brands that have more than 100 posts generate 3X more leads than those that never publish new content to their site.
  • SEO
    Assets that are optimized for search ensure that they’ll be found. And if you follow best SEO practicesthe opportunity increases that your content will continually be moving up the search engine results page.
  • Thought leadership
    People and brands that publish frequently and consistently foster credibility and earn trust when they address the needs of their customers.
  • Supporting & building community
    People look to those who are helpful and want to connect with others who have been helped with similar needs. Consistently publishing content that is easy to share ensures that what you create has increased pass along value by those that actually consume it.

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I obviously agree with all of the above. Now you know the why you should practice content marketing for your business. Let’s dab into the how.

The how is simple, yet complicated. Create relevant and consistent material and publish it to your social media platforms, website or blog. Note the words relevant and consistent. You may stray from the path every now and then, but for the most part, stick to what you know your audience likes. Start with you. Yes, I’m telling you to promote your business but not in a traditional way. Converse with your audience. Encourage them to engage with you. Ask them how they are, how their last visit to your store was, etc. Post your holiday decorations, employees’ birthdays- be Human- but also post “how to” and helpful content. Don’t make it all about you. Think of content like your side of a conversation with a person.

Consistency is also key. Have a consistent voice, personality. You may already naturally.

Always remember that this is your business or company. It’s not a place to air grievances. Be positive & helpful!

4 Ways to Fall in Love With Twitter Again |

1. Be patient. Unless you’re Katy Perry or Starbucks, your brand probably doesn’t have a built-in following. Your first tweet isn’t going to get a lot of traction because no one knows you’re there. So start favoriting, retweeting and replying to content that interests you.

2. Follow more accounts. Find more accounts that are more relevant to your interests, but be selective. There are accounts that may have 100,000 followers, but they also follow 80,000. How in the world will that person ever see anything useful to them? At the same time, don’t feel bad for unfollowing.

3. Be diligent. Make a point to spend even five to ten minutes a day reading, favoriting and replying to tweets. Don’t be discouraged if your replies and tweets go unnoticed. The more you tweet, the sooner you will learn what works and what doesn’t.

4. Say something. Try not to go days between tweets. Whether it’s a discount code, information on sales or something fun, be active. That said, don’t tweet for the sake of tweeting.

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25 Signs You Work in Social Media

25 Signs You Work in Social Media – Jenns Trends.

These are all so true…

“1.   When people refer to you as an expert, guru, or ninja, you politely thank them and then correct them. If you’re a real social media professional, you do not claim to be any of these titles even though you’re secretly pleased that they called you that.

2.   It’s totally acceptable to you that you’ve never met most of your friends IRL. And yet they know you better than a lot of your real life friends.
friends live in computer

3.   When someone says the word “algorithm” you instantly cringe. Thank you for that one Facebook.

4.   You follow more brands on Facebook than you have friends. But you never see any of their posts…

5.   You secretly judge anyone who follows less than a 100 people on any social media site. How is that possible?

6.   It’s not about the numbers… But we check all of our numbers daily. Klout ranking, follower counts, site visits, post likes…

7.   The notification alert has become a Pavolovian reaction. Must check it NOW. Clear the notifications!

dog panting

8.   You’ve downloaded more apps on your smartphone than your daily caloric intake amount. But you’ve also deleted 90% of those apps – who comes up with these things? ;)

9.   You legitimately have fears of posting to the wrong account. And at some point, you have.

social media listening

10. You don’t even check your Twitter DMs anymore. They’re all auto-generated crap anyways.

11.  Your primary news source is Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. If it’s not there, it must not be important.

12.  You know when it’s National Love Your Pet Day, National Ice Cream Day, and Bike to Work Day. And about 362 other weird holidays.

13.  You stop all work when software and social media platform announcements are made. I mean, obviously, this could be the next BIG thing… until tomorrow at least.

14.  You get excited about new platform layouts. And spend hours reformatting everything to fit.

15.  You have a contingency plan for every “bad” thing that could happen. Even grammatical mistakes.

16.  You are totally justified in complaining about other companies when they disappoint you on ALL of your social media sites. But hopefully you give praise too :)

17.  You consciously evaluate how every other company uses social media and how they promote it. And if it’s a good idea, you’ll totally find a way to implement it on your accounts.

18.  Unlike the rest of the world, you realize it’s nearly impossible to make something go “viral”. Or you convince your boss/client that 1000 views is viral just to get them to stop asking.

19,  You actually talk with hashtags. Even though it drives you crazy.

20. You have a power cord for your smartphone in every possible location. Including the bathroom and the car.

21. The word “engagement” in your vocabulary has nothing to do with weddings. Oh, your friend really is getting married?

22.  You start dropping the vowels (or at least the “e”) from all names. Thank you Tumblr, Gramblr, Pixlr, Flickr…

23.  Your spell check just doesn’t get you. How many times do you have to remind it to ignore “Instagram” or “sharability”?

24.  People’s eyes glaze over when you try to explain what you really do. We tend to forget they don’t speak our “language” of acronyms and weird names.

25.  Yes, of course I get paid to play on Facebook all day! Need I say anything else? ;)

But even with all the headaches and craziness, we wouldn’t trade it in! We live in our own little universe, speak our own language, and totally get each other!”

5 Plays to Score Big with the #WorldCup

The ExactTarget Blog 5 Plays to Score Big with the #WorldCup » The ExactTarget Blog.


As the most widely viewed sporting event, The FIFA World Cup has fans buzzing with excitement—and that goes double for marketers. After all, a lot has changed since the last World Cup in 2010; brands were socially savvy if they just simply joined the conversation. This year, brands are trying to be the conversation.

The combination of real-time results, large audiences, and mobile technologies make this an exciting yet intimidating opportunity for brands around the world. Brands are trying everything from apps to mobile advertising to score big with the world’s game. Take a look at five key plays brands should run so their marketing doesn’t get a red card during the #WorldCup:

1. Know the opportunity.

2. Know your audience.

3. Know the strategy. 

4. Know your technology.

5. Know your opponent.

The World Cup is a big stage. Many brands will try to take advantage of this audience. Some will be successful and some won’t. Knowing the opportunity, audience, strategy, technology, and opponents will help you score big during the #WorldCup. With these tips and a little bit of confidence, I believe that you will win.